Our professionalism is beyond our competitors, likewise our innovation creation processes are way ahead.


Offset Printing

Offset printing is claimed as one of the most economical and easy-to-access printing capability, which is used to create excellent and qualified printing products with best graphical designs and thoughtful process included. The mechanism starts from opting for an inked image from any plate and carrying it out from some rubber blanket to the printing apparel, giving it a finishing touch. Either Sheet Fed Litho or Web Fed Litho is used as the basic material. Apart from the paper, several other materials are used like rubber, cloth, fabric, and wood. Almost every leading brand and digitalized and graphical company opts for this method, as it has become very common and the results combined are durable and positive. This method is used to develop Books, Posters, and Foam Banners etc.

Flex Vinyl & One-Way Vision Printing (Solvent Printing)

Being a renowned entity, we offer our clients a circumferential range of Vinyl Printing services based on high standards and qualified productive range in accordance with customization and needs of our clients. Further adding, the machinery used is modern with high-rank raw materials in order to create and deliver the best. The banners, hoardings, trade show and company banners and much more are designed at chap and affordable price range. Solvent Printing boosts up the creativity and marketability of your promotional activities. Printing can be done on wood, glass, metal, plastic, canvas, ceramics and much more. The products from both the techniques remain water-resistant, durable and excel in elegance.

Digital Printing

If you appreciate the grantee effects of Digitalized Printing, you are within the correct aisle. This is an influential form of printing and is assistive in many ways. Both small and medium sized businesses would earn benefit from it, is pocket friendly and economical, fast and speedy and also saves time. Client personalization is leverage and a positive boost up. These options give you plenty of hidden benefits. We believe in creativity with the support of modern techniques and technologies. There are no restrictions when it comes to color, design and size. We believe in quality by consuming least period of time. We work on the application such as modern business cards, letterheads, catalogues, brochures, tags, stickers and posters etc..

Glow Sign Boards & LED Boards

Glow sign boards can be very interesting and entertaining, as they represent a company's name and promote it to the people around the area. We offer our clients the best of the creativity and produce the designs and materials that have a versatile nature and efficiency. As a manufacturer and supplier, we have established our best in offering our customers with Glowing Sign Boards and LED boards, as they are engagingly demanded and can be installed anywhere near roadways, giving the people and other on-lookers a full view of your offerings and promotional activities. They have a longer life with excellent visibility nurtured and chemical-resistance.

Steel & Acrylic Letters

We have an intense technical advancement and offer our clients with the specialized Steel and Acrylic Letters fabricated and carved with best quality Stainless Steel and acrylic materials. The range we get out is tested under the supreme guidance of our experts set under international standards. Due to the characteristics they possess of high durability, classy look, finish and strength, they give us more artistic and clean look with a pinch of uniformity. The colors, designs and creative outlook is kept in mind, and because of their easy installation, they are widely in demand. We have made our Acrylic letters available in multiple designs, font styles and colors.

Acrylic & Sun board Dispenser

We are one of the recognizable identities in the market as a trustworthy manufacturer and seller of Acrylic and Sun Board Dispensers and aims at producing the leading products with excellence. To meet certain requirements of our clients, we also produce customized and specified products and cover all of the pointers the clients want in their products. Sun Board Dispensers are available in random styles, colors and designs with certain personalization allowed. Made out of superior quality materials, they give a longer durability to the product and creates best of all.

Banners, Stepney Cover & Other Publicity Materials

Every public element that aims at promoting any certainties should be invented in a creative and decent way so as to attract the on-lookers and maintain a dignified aspect of the company too. DRP offers the consumers a big range of Banners, Stepney tire covers and many publicity materials with many different styles, shapes and colors with a variety of designs and font and pictures to select from. Different types of fabrics are also involved and in several fashions too. We satisfy our clients in every way possible and try to manage our criteria according to their specifications and likings.


Printing and Fabrication has become one of the hottest trends in the market and is swiftly taking the market over the storm with their easy accessibility. Digital Fabrication is related to 3d Printing which marks an enlargement of any brand and pin a potential manufacturing digitalization and revolution. This prospect comes with a great demand and high-profile customization. The technology needed to develop this process is very advanced and consumes some commercial access. We offer you the excellent series of fabrication and apply your bullets and thinking while working so as to satisfy your creative appetite.

X-Type Banner Stand

X-Shaped banner stands make an impressionistic remark on the on-lookers and clients as well, and is used for mark impact at Exhibits, Trade shows, Retail Stores and many more premises. The weightage it produces is extremely light, compact and easy to carry, making it portable to use and travel with. It is considered as the best priced and flexibly adaptable banner line known for its value price and quality. It can be easily carried, and comes with a carriage bag as well. Enchanting the capacity of professionals and highlighting their skills, we engage in offering the superior most quality of X-Shaped Banner Stands, which excels in terms of durability and premium quality with accordance to time.

Pvc & Foam Banners

As we hold elementary expertise in this category, we are involved in offering an outstanding panel of quality PVC & Foam Banners, featuring certain advantages in advertising, promotional purposes and marketing strategies. The foam banners are designed and carved out by our experienced designers using supreme quality raw materials, inspected and tested before use. Different sizes, designs and colors are provided to the clients with additional quality of customization. The anatomical structure and shiny and sleek surface makes it an ideal material for printing and decorative choices. The foam-padded PVC Sheet makes availability, dependability and reliability approachable and effective. Certain features bore by this category includes:

Conceptualizing & Designing

Designing plays an important role as an answerable dispenser, communicator and influencer. Designing covers all the aspects of planning, conceptualizing, research, and resource allocation and executor methods. At DRP, we aim at meeting all of the clients' requirements, relocating our years of experience with well-skilled designing services and equipment for digital printing responsible to accomplish all the plans and sources. More the effective designing and planning with cost effective productive measures, higher the growth and business rate. At DRP, we are dedicated to provide a wide window of designing and graphic printing innovation and try to truly meet the requirements and achieve the respective the clients has set for us. The artistic ability has made us superior in our work, and the planning we execute provides effective steps to act.

Tile Printing

Ceramic and regular tiles will never appear as same and plain as they look, and by introducing it to this revolutionary idea of digital printing analysis, we aspire to make your home look more astounding and tremendous. The tiles act as a suitable medium for effective printing, and any design or image is printed directly through the computer in some cleansed way. We use the familiar photo printing devices and ink-jet printers in order to print some fine and pixelated media images on the base structure of tiles. The tile printing industry has outgrown the stereotypical image and dynamic structure, driven by market trends and consumer demands. The rapid changes seen and faced are as follows:

Catalouges, Brochures, Flyes, Posters, Danglers, Stickers,Lables, Buntings, Books, Magazines, Dispensers, Calendars

All of these above products helps in providing promotional support, and these small scale advertising measures helps you to project your services on an enlarged scale. Catalogues, brochures, posters, magazines, small stickers, product labels, books, calendars and much more services are provided in order to print influensive data, images and pictures and project the information about certain products, services rendered, and products used so as to create an awareness about the products in the market.

Scroller, Scrolling Roll Screen, Four Sided Rotating Display,

Scroller is one of the best methods of display advertisement. This is one of the best methods which can be done easily. The scroller or scrolling roll screen are one of the most compact and convenient way of advertising. The main feature of this kind of advertisement can be mobilized easily without any inconvenience. It is the height adjustable mode in which a bigger of smaller advertisement can be fitted easily. Scroller, scroller roll screens and four sided rotating displays are the easiest and the fastest to build display advertisement. The sheets or flex are very handy and easy to change. It is a very nice and commonly used strategy for advertisement.

Trolley, Translite Box

Trolley is the way of mobile advertising. These kind of advertisement is done on the trolley which are used is almost all the shopping Centre, travel station for example metro station, railway station, airport etc. These kinds of advertisement have a high reach to the public as it reaches

Demo tents, promo table, promotional umbrellas, canopies,

Tents are used for demonstration of any product or brand name. Manufactured with quality proven raw material, our range is widely demanded among our clients. A canopy is an overhead roof or else a structure over which a fabric or metal covering is attached, able to provide shade or shelter. These shelter are also used for the advertising PROMO table is made of light and strong white PVC. Table is coated laminated stickers, which is resistant to scratching. Installation is easy and intuitive. For easy handling, even in the composite state, the structure is connected via clips. This promotional garden umbrella can be custom manufactured according to the client's needs. The unique design of the side panel's benefits from clear windows at the rear for maximum light exposure into the event, blank side panels from right to left for possible advertising space.

Catalogue stand, banner stand, bridge banner stand,

Catalogue Stands are widely used in exhibitions, events, corporates, and offices and are highly professional medium to display the catalogues. Also called Catalogue Stand, Brochure, Zigzag Catalogue Stand, Leaflet Stand, Magazine Rack, Portable Catalogue Stands are portable units easily carried and setup in minimum time.A variety of components gives you the flexibility to use as Banner Stand, Hanging Display or Wall display or large Graphic Murals. It's that flexible. With Its slim design and modest footprint, this banner stand is the ideal marketing tool for branding, directing, recruiting or promoting – no matter how small the space.The Rollup Standees are perfect for advertising & marketing. It can be used in a compact space and make an effective statement for your company, product